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Цена CD "в разборе" т.е. без CD-BOX
8-903-547-97-86 Дмитрий
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=90 10 CC 10 CC,1973(4-page)
=90 AC/DC Highway To Hell,1979(8-page)
=90 AC/DC Black Ice,2009(20-page)
=90 ADAMO,SALVATORE Zanzibar,2003(12-page)
=90 ANASTACIA Heavy Rotation,2008(20-page)
=90 ANDERSON,JON Olias Of Sunhillow,1976(8-page)
=90 ANDERSON,JON Song Of Seven,1980(4-page)
=90 ANDERSON,JON (+1 BONUS) In The City Of Angels,1988(12-page)
=90 ANDERSON,JON (Japan Edition,K2 24 BIT Mastering)Deseo,1994(6-page)
=90 ANDERSON,JON (Japan Edition,K2 24 BIT Mastering)Toltee,1996(8-page)
=90 ANGEL (как Sweet,Slade,Kiss. Creg GUIFFRIA)Sinful,1979(8-page)
=90 ANIMALS Before We Were So Rudely (remastered),1977(12-page)
=90 ANIMALS Ark (remastered),1983(8-page)
=90 ANTRAX (Japan Edition) Spreading The Disease,1985(6-page)
=90 ANTRAX (Japan Edition) Among The Living,1986(6-page)
=90 ANTRAX (Japan Edition) State Of Euphoria,1988(8-page)
=90 ANTRAX (Japan Edition) Persistence Of Time,1990(6-page)
=90 ASIA Omega,2010(16-page)
=90 BATTLEAXE (Classic 80's NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) Burn This Town,1983(8-page)
=90 BATTLEAXE (Classic 80's NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) Power From The Universe,1984(8 -page)
=90 BEASTIE BOYS To The 5 Boroughs,2004(10-page)
=90 BEATLES /rem.2009/ Please Please Me(20-page)
=90 BEATLES /rem.2009/ With The Beatles(20-page)
=90 BEATLES /rem.2009/ A Hard Day's Night(24-page)
=90 BEATLES /rem.2009/ Beatles For Sale(20-page)
=90 BEATLES /rem.2009/ Help!(24-page)
=90 BEATLES /rem.2009/ Rubber Soul(16-page)
=90 BEATLES /rem.2009/ Revolver(24-page)
=90 BEATLES /rem.2009/ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(32-page)
=90 BEATLES /rem.2009/ Magical Mystery Tour(36-page)
=180 BEATLES /rem.2009/ (2CD)The Beatles(28-page)
=90 BEATLES /rem.2009/ Yelow Submarine(16-page)
=90 BEATLES /rem.2009/ Abbey Road(16-page)
=90 BEATLES /rem.2009/ Let It Be(32-page)
=180 BEATLES /rem.2009/ (2CD)Past Masters(32-page)
=90 BEATLES The Esher Demos: The Acoustic Masterpieces Remastered,1968/2008(16-page) + poster
=90 BEATLES 1,2000(8-page)
=90 BEATALLICA All You Need Is Blood,2008(8-page)
=90 BEE GEES (2on1) Cucumber Castle + Bee Gees 1963-1966(8-page)
=90 BELEW,ADRIAN Side One,2004(8-page)
=90 BLACK COUNTRY (состав-G. Hughes,J.Bonamassa,J.Bonham,D.Sherinian !!!)Communion,2010(20-page)
=90 BLACKFOOT Flyin' High,1976(8-page)
=90 BLACKFOOT Marauder,1981(8-page)
=90 BLACKFOOT Vertical Smiles,1984(4-page)
=90 BLACKFOOT After The Reign,1995(8-page)
=90 BLACKMORE'S NIGHT Autumn Sky,2010(12-page)
=90 BOLTON,MICHAEL One World One Love,2009(12-page)
=90 BORKNAGAR Universal,2010(16-page)
=90 BONNET,GRAHAM Here Comes The Night,1991(12-page)
=180 BOWIE,DAVID(CD+DVD) VH1 storytellers,2009 (8-page)
=90 BUDGIE BUDGIE,1971(2-page)
=90 BUDGIE SQUAWK,1972(8-page)
=90 BUDGIE IN FOR THE KILL,1974(8-page)
=90 BURDON,ERIC Winds Of Change (remastered),1967(12-page)
=90 BURDON,ERIC Love Is (remastered),1968(8-page)
=90 BURDON,ERIC Every One Of Us (remastered),1969(8-page)
=90 BURDON,ERIC The Twain Shall Meet (remastered+5 bon.tr.),1969(8-page)
=180 CACTUS(CD+DVD) Music,2010(4-page)
=90 CAMEL The Snow Goose 1975/2009 (+ BONUS tracks)NEW REMASTERED EDITION(16-page)
=90 CELENTANO Quel Punto,1994(12-page)
=90 CLARKE,STANLEY 1,2 To The Bass,2003(8-page)
=90 CLAPTON,ERIC Clapton,2010(12-page)
=90 COLLINS,PHIL Going Back,2010(16-page)
=90 COOPER,ALICE The Eyes Of ALICE COOPER,2003(12-page)
=90 DAMAGE CONTROL The Raw,2009(12-page)
=90 DARE (Melodic Hard Rock) Blood From Stone,2005(8-page)
=180 DEEP PURPLE (35-anniversary edition,2 CD)Come Taste The Band (второй CD-Kevin Shirley Remix,2 Previosly bonus),2010(24-page)(с пеналом)
=90 DEEP PURPLE Bananas,2003(12-page)
=90 DEEP PURPLE The Early Years,2004(8-page)
=90 DEFTONES DEFTONES,2003(12-page)
=90 DEMON DRIVE (Glam,AOR,M.Voss ex-MAD MAX) Burn Rubber,1995(16-page)
=90 DEPECHE MODE Black Celebration,1986(8-page)
=90 DEPECHE MODE Music For The Masses,1987(8-page)
=90 DISHARMONIA MUNDI The Isolation Game,2009(20-page)
=90 DOKKEN Dokken,1994(12-p/poster)
=180 DOORS,THE (2 CD) LIVE IN VANCOUVER,1970(4-page)
=90 DREAM THEATER Train Of Thought,2003(12-page)
=90 DUKE,GEORGE DUKE,2005(12-page)
=90 EAGLES Hell Freezes Over,1994(8-page)
=90 ELF (R.J.DIO,Japan Edition) Elf,1972(6-page)
=90 ELF (RONNIE JAMES DIO) ELF,1972(4-page)
=90 ELF (R.J.DIO,Japan Edition,24 Bit Remaster 2008) Carolina Country Ball,1974(4-page)
=90 ELF (R.J.Dio)Trying To Burn The Sun,1975(8-page)
=90 ELO Out Of The Blue,1977( 3 Bonus)(16-page)
=90 ELO Discovery,1979(12-page)
=90 ELO Time,1981(8-page)
=90 ELO Secret Messages,1983(12-page)
=90 ELO Electric Light Orchestra Part Two,1990(8-page)
=90 ELO Electric Light Orchestra Part II/ Moment Of Truth,1993(16-page)
=90 ELO Zoom,2001(12-page)
=90 ELOY Power And The Passion,1975(12-page)
=90 ELOY Silent Cries And Mighty Echoe,1979(12-page)
=90 ELTON JOHN/LEON RUSSELL The Union,2010(12-page)
=180 EMERSON LAKE & PALMER (de-luxe) Pictures At An Exhibition (2 CD)(16-page)
=90 FARMER,MYLENE (Japan Edition) Dance Remixes,1993
=90 FREE Fire And Water,1970(8-page)
=90 FREE Free At Last,1972(8-page)
=90 FRUSCIANTE,JOHN Inside Of Emptiness,2004(8-page)
=90 FRUSCIANTE,JOHN Shadows Collide With People,2004(12-page)
=90 GABRIEL,PETER Scratch My Back,2010(12-page)
=90 GENTLE GIANT (24-BIT REMASTERED) In A Glass House(6-page)
=90 GENTLE GIANT (24-BIT REMASTERED) Free Hand(6-page)
=90 GENTLE GIANT (24-BIT REMASTERED) The Power And The Glory(6-page)
=90 GIRLSCHOOL Demolition,1980(12-pages)
=180 GOTTHARD (2 CD) One Team One Spirit.BEST,2004(16-page)
=90 GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Live Album,1970(12-page)
=90 GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Shinin'On,1974(12-page)
=90 GRINDER Dawn For The Living,1988(8-page)
=90 GRINDER Dead End,1989(12-page)
=90 GUNHILL (John Lawton-URIAH HEEP)..Live In Germany'99,2000(4-page)
=90 HACKETT,STEVE (Genesis) Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth,2010(16-page)
=90 HAGEN,NINA Personal Jesus,2010(20-page)
=90 HAMMILL,PETER Thin Air,2009(16-page)
=90 HARRISON,GEORGE Let It Roll,2009(28-page)
=90 HEAVEN & HELL The Devil You Know,2009(16-page)
=90 HOWE,STEVE (YES,ASIA)Homebrew 4,2010(20-page)
=90 HUGHES/THRALL Hughes / Thrall,1982(8-page)
=90 IRON MAIDEN Piece Of Mind,1983(12-page)
=180 IRON MAIDEN (2 CD) A Real Live Dead One,1993(16-page)
=90 IRON MAIDEN Brave New World(12-page)
=90 IRON MAIDEN The Final Frontier,2010(16-page)
=90 JAMES GANG (with Joe Walsh) Yer' Album (rem),1969(4-page)
=90 JAMES GANG (with Joe Walsh) Rides Again (rem),1970(8-page)
=90 JAMES GANG (with Joe Walsh) Thirds (rem),1971(4-page)
=90 JAMES GANG (Tommy Bolin) Bang,1973(4-page)
=90 JAMES GANG (Tommy Bolin) Miami,1974(4-page)
=90 JEAN MICHEL JARRE The Concerts In CHINA,1982(8-page)
=90 JETHRO TULL Stand Up+bonus tracks,1969(12-page)
=90 JETHRO TULL Songs From The Wood,1977(12-page)
=90 JETHRO TULL A,1980(12-page)
=90 JETHRO TULL Crest Of A Knave,1987(12-page)
=90 JETHRO TULL (Remastered 2006) Catfish Rising,1991(12-page)
=90 JETHRO TULL (Remastered 2006) Roots To Branches,1995(12-page)
=90 JOE BANAMASSA Black Rock,2010(18-page)
=90 JOHN,ELTON Jump Up,1982(8-page)
=90 JOHN,ELTON Too Low For Zero,1983(8-page)
=90 JOHN,ELTON Ice On Fire,1985(8-page)
=90 JOHN,ELTON Leather Jackets,1986(8-page)
=90 JOHN,ELTON Reg Strikes Back,1988(8-page)
=90 JOHN,JOHN The One,1990(8-page)
=90 JONES,TOM Praise & Blame,2010(12-page)
=90 KARL BARTOS EX. Communication,2003(12-page)
=90 KAIPA In The Wake Of Evolution,2010(20-page)
=90 KING CRIMSON In The Court Of The Crimson King,1969(new 2009 stereo mix by Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp!!!, + BONUS tracks)(16-page)
=90 KING CRIMSON Lizard,1970(new 2009 stereo mix by Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp!!!, + BONUS tracks)(12-page)
=180 KISS (2 CD) Alive IV,2003(24-page)
=90 KORN (Japan Edition,2 BONUS) III,2010(12-page)
=90 KRAVITZ,LENNY Bartism,2004(12-page)
=90 KRAVITZ,LENNY It Is Time For A Love Revolut,2008(12-page)
=90 KROKUS Round 13,1999(8-page)
=180 LEA,JAMES WHILD (ex-Slade) Therapy(2 CD)(12-page)
=90 LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin I,1969(8-page)
=90 LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin II,1969(8-page)
=90 LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin III,1970(8-page)
=90 LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin IV,1971(8-page)
=180 LED ZEPPELIN (2CD) Physical Graffiti,1975(8-page)
=180 LED ZEPPELIN (2CD) The Song Remains The Same,1976(28-page)
=90 LENNON,JOHN THE U.S. VS. JOHN LENNON (OST),2006(12-page)
=90 LENNON,JOHN Legend,2007(12-page)
=90 LENNON,JOHN Home Tapes,2010(12-page)
=90 LENI STERN - Kindness of strangers,2000(4-page)
=90 LENNOX,ANNIE A Christmas Cornucopia,2010(16 -page)
=90 LENNY WHITE PROJECT Tribute to Earth, Wind and Fire,2004(4-page)
=90 LOCOMOTIV GT (венгры,копия первопресса+доб.тексты) Ringasd El Magad,1972(4-page)
=90 LOCOMOTIV GT (венгры,копия первопресса+доб.тексты) Bummm! 1973(4-page)
=90 LOCOMOTIV GT (венгры,копия первопресса+доб.тексты) Mindig Magasabbra,1975(4-page)
=90 LOCOMOTIV GT (венгры,добавлены тексты в буклет) V 1976(4-page)
=90 LOCOMOTIV GT (венгры,добавлены тексты в буклет) Mindenki Maskepp Csinalja,1976(4-page)
=90 LOCOMOTIV GT (венгры,добавлены тексты в буклет) Mindenki,1978(4-page)
=90 LOCOMOTIV GT (венгры,добавлены тексты в буклет) X 1982(4-page)
=90 LORD JON To Notice Such Things,2010(24-page)
=90 LUCIFER'S FRIEND Good Time Warrior,1978(8 -page)
=90 MADMAX (звук с нов.ремаст. оформл. под ''старое'' изд.)Stormchild,1985 (8-page)
=90 MALMSTEEN,YNGWIE High Impact,2010(4-page)
=90 MALMSTEEN,YNGWIE Relentless,2010(12 -page)
=90 MANSON,MARILYN The High End Of Low,2009(16-page)
=90 MARCUS MILLER Silver Rain,2005(8-page)
=90 MARLEY,BOB & The WAILERS Catch a fire 1973/2002 (+ BONUS tracks) REM EDITION(12-page)
=90 MARLEY,BOB & The WAILERS Natty dread 1974/2002 (+ BONUS tracks) REM EDITION(12-page)
=90 MARLEY,BOB & The WAILERS Rastaman vibration 1976/2002 (+ BONUS tracks) REM EDITION(12-page)
=90 MARLEY,BOB & The WAILERS Rebel music 1986/2002 (compilation) (+ BONUS tracks) REM EDITION(8-page)
=90 McCARTNEY,PAUL Collection: Press To Play,1986(16-page)
=180 McCARTNEY,PAUL Out In The Crowd: Live In USA (2 CD),1993 GOOD quality recording(4-page)
=90 McCARTNEY,PAUL (+2 Bonus From Japan Ltd Ed.) Off The Ground,1993(12-page)
=90 McCARTNEY,PAUL Driving Rain,2001(24-page)
=90 MEGADETH Youthanasia,1994(12-page)
=90 MERCURY,FREDDIE The Great Pretender,1992(12-page)
=90 METALLICA Death Magnetic,2008(20-page)
=180 MINOGUE,KYLIE (2CD) Greatest Hits,2003(28-page)
=90 MY DYING BRIDE Songs Of Darknes Words Of Ligh,2004(12-page)
=90 NAZARETH Cinema,1986(10-page)
=90 NAZARETH Move Me,1994(10-page)
=90 OFFSPRING Splinter,2003(12-page)
=90 ORB,THE featuring DAVID GILMOUR Metallic Spheres,2010(12-page)
=90 ORDEN OGAN (гитарист Running Wild,бараб.Blind Guardian)Eston Hope,2010(16-page)
=90 OZZY OSBOURNE Scream,2010(8-page)
=90 PETE BEST BAND Haymans Green,2008(16-page)
=90 PETTY,TOM AND HEARTBREAKERS Mojo,2010(20-page)
=90 PINK FLOYD Atom Hyde Park (live experience) 1970/2009(4-page)
=90 PINK FLOYD First Australian Show: Melbourne, Festival Hall, September 13, 1971(4-page)
=90 PINK FLOYD The Great Gig In The Sky (alternate take on "The Dark Side of the Moon") 1973/2009(4-page)
=90 PINK FLOYD Animals,1977(8-page)
=90 PINK FLOYD A Momentary Lapse Of Reason,1987(16-page)
=90 PLANT,ROBERT Band Of Joy,2010(12-page)
=90 PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI Chocolate Kings,1976(4-page)
=90 PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI Jet Lag,1977(8-page)
=90 PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI Photos Of Ghosts,1993(6-page)
=90 PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI The World Became The World,1974(16-page)
=90 PRESLEY,ELVIS ELVIS 30 #1 Hits,2002(12-page)
=90 PROCOL HARUM(40th Anniversary series) Shine On Brightly (11 bonus)(20-page)
=90 PROCOL HARUM(40th Anniversary series) Procol's Ninth(24-page)
=90 PROCOL HARUM(40th Anniversary series) Something Magic (+3 bonus tr.)(24-page)
=90 QUEEN Flash Gordon,1980(8-page)
=90 RADIORAMA Desires And Vampires,1987(4-page)
=90 RAINBOW Ritchie Blackmore,s ,1975(8-page)
=90 RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS By The Way,2002(12-page)
=180 REED,LOU (2 CD) Nyc Man,2003(16-page)
=90 REED,LOU The Raven,2003(8-page)
=90 RINGO Time Takes Time,1992(16-page)
=90 RINGO Vertical Man,1998(8-page)(+1bonus)
=90 RINGO & His All-Starr Band - On Tour,2003 live(4-page)
=90 RINGO Choose Love,2005(4-page)
=90 RINGO & His All Starr Band - Live '06,2008(6-page)
=90 RINGO Liverpool 8,2008(8-page)
=90 RINGO Y Not,2010(4-page)
=90 ROLLING STONES December's Children,1965(8-page)
=90 ROLLING STONES Out Of Our Head,1965(8-page)
=90 ROLLING STONES Between The Buttons,1967(12-page)
=90 ROLLING STONES Beggars Banquet,1968(8-page)
=90 ROLLING STONES Aftermath UK,1996(8-page)
=180 ROLLING STONES (2 CD) Forty Lisks,2002(24-page)
=180 ROLLING STONES (2 CD) Live Licks,2004(16-page)
=90 ROLLING STONES / remastering 2009 / STILL LIVE / AMERICAN CONCERT 1981 /1981(8-page)
=90 ROLLING STONES / remastering 2009 /A BIGGER BAND,2009/2005(16-page)
=90 ROLLING STONES / remastering 2009 /STIPPED(12-page)
=90 ROYAL HUNT X,2010(20-page)
=180 RPWL (2 CD,Progressive,insideout)The Gentle Art Of Music,2010(12-page)
=90 SADE Soldier Of Love,2010(16-page)
=90 SANTANA (2on1) Beyond Appearances + Illuminations(With Turiya Alice Coltrane),85-74(12-page)
=90 SANTANA : GUITAR HEAVEN The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time,2010(18-page)
=90 SCORPIONS Sting In The Tail,2010(12-page)
=90 SEBASTIAN BACH Angel Down,2007(12-page)
=90 SINNER (Japan Edition)The Nature Of Evil,1998(12-page)
=90 SLADE - Merry Xmas everybody: party hits,2009 compilation(6-page)
=90 SPIRITUAL BEGGARS (Progressive) Return to Zero,2010(16-page)
=90 STEWART,ROD The Great American Songbook vol.5,2010(12-page)
=90 SUPERSISTER Pudding En Gisteren (…and yesterday),1972 (rema+BONUS tracks)(20-page)
=90 SUPERTRAMP The First Studio Album,1970(6-page)
=90 SUPERTRAMP Crisis? What Crisis?,1975(6-page)
=90 SUPERTRAMP Even In The Quietest Moments,1977(8-page)
=90 SUPERTRAMP Brother Where You Bound,1985(8-page)
=90 SUPERTRAMP Free As A Bird,1987(12-page)
=90 STEPPENWOLF & JOHN KAY (2on1)Wolftracks + Paradox,82-84(8-page)
=90 SWEET Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be+10 bonus,1971(8-page)
=90 SWEET Desolation Boulevard + 9 bonus,1974(8-page)
=90 SWEET Off The Record + 8 bonus,1977(8-page)
=180 TOUCH (2 CD)(как AXE,Melodic Hard Rock,Japan Edition) The Complete Works I & II,1981(16-page)
=90 TURNER,JOE LYNN The Usual Suspects,2005(12-page)
=90 VENGEANCE (Melodic Hard Rock) Arabia,1998(12-page)
=90 VAN HALEN (Japan Edition)For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge,1991(8-page)
=90 VICTORY (Japan Edition,Herman Frank-ACCEPT) You Bought It,You Name It,1992(8-page)
=90 WARD,BILL (Black Sabbath) Ward One:Along The Way,1990(8-page)
=90 WATERS ,ROGER (B-Sides) Is It The Fifth? 2010(8-page)
=90 WHITE SKULL Forever Fight,2009(12-page)
=90 WHITESHAKE Good To Be Bad,2008(10-page)
=90 WHO,THE Then And Now,2004(12-page)
=90 WILDE,KIM Kim Wilde,1981(4-page)
=90 WILDE,KIM Select,1982(8-page)
=90 WILDE,KIM Catch As Catch Can,1985
=90 WILSON,BRIAN (The Beach Boys) That Lucky Old Sun,2008(16-page)
=180 WITHIN TEMPTATION (CD+DVD) Black Symphony & The Metropole Orchestra,2008(20-page)
=90 WIZARD'S CONVENTION Wizard's Convention,1976 (6 Bonus)(6-page)
=180 YES (2 CD) Tales From Topographic Ocean,1974(24-page)
=90 YOUNG,NEIL Le Noise,2010(12-page)
=90 ZODIAC MINDWARP We Are Volsung,2010(12-page)
=90 ZZ TOP Fandango,1975(4-page)
=90 ZZ TOP Rhythmeen (remasters),1996(8-page)
=90 ZZ TOP Mescalero (remasters),2003(8-page)

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