Правда ли, что во время одного из выступлений P.A.L. (Paice - Ashton - Lord), Тони Эштон свалился в оркестровую яму?

Ian Paice
Chris Welch's interview, 1995

       "In 1976 I teamed up with Paice Ashton Lord, which was a great idea. It was built around Tony Ashton and his ability to make an audience love him. Tony still has that ability, but the audience had better not be bigger than 300! He loves his club atmosphere, but you put him ona big stage and ask him to take responsibility for the whole thing and it's not in him to do it and he doesn't enjoy it. It was an experiment that cost Jon and I a fortune! But I'm glad we did it. PAL was trying to do something ahead of its time, the sort of thing Level 42 became, a cross between jazz and rock. But it was built on Tony's ability to do his club scene on a big stage and he couldn't do it. So Jon and I cut our losses and called it quits after 5 shows. The shows were great fun, and at the Rainbow we had 8 horns playing really good stuff. That was the night Tony walked right off the stage and he was in a state of shock for the rest of the show. It's a long way down into an orchestra pit. We thought he'd had one too many drinks, but he hadn't. He just couldn't see where he was going. Never mind Paice Ashton Lord was a brave experiment!"

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