Что за история об автокатастрофе, в которую попали Гленн Хьюз и Джон Бонем (Led Zeppelin) ?

Glenn Hughes

   "After one show in London, we went to the Speakeasy Club. I was traveling with John in his new Jag. Normally, he had a driver, Matthew, but this time John and I were traveling alone. He was very tired on this particular evening, and he fell asleep during dinner. All of the restaurant staff couldn't wake him up; he was sleeping like a baby. Eventually, when he did awake, I asked him if I could drive us home, and he wouldn't have any of it. He just replied 'Onwards!' It was about 6:30am, and it was just getting light on the M1 Motorway. We had been driving for about a half hour. I must have fallen asleep, and the next thing I know is we have plowed into the wall on the Motorway. We were not badly hurt, but a little shaken. We got out of the brand-new Jaguar, he looked at me, smiled, threw the keys up in the air, and he said "Let's go," and off we were to the nearest gas station, where we got a taxi home (about 100 miles). As far as I know, the car could still be there. The next week he was driving another one, identical, but another color. I asked him what happened to the other automobile, and he replied 'What automobile?!' We both laughed so hard!" 

History. История группы 

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