Кто такой Скотт, легендарный роади Ричи Блэкмора?

Ritchie Blackmore
("The Prince Of Darkness" interview by Stig Myhre, 2003)

   "I have to tell you this story. I am talking about a good friend of mine, so there are no hard feelings. His name is Scott and I asked him if he wanted to join me on tour taking care of my guitars. All he had to do was tune my guitar, give it to me before I go on stage and turn on the amplifiers. Rainbow was playing at the Hammersmith Odeon in London. I had about 20 seconds before I had to go on stage. I am going 'Where is my guitar', Scott is saying' I knew there was something missing', the audience are cheering, the intro is over and the band is walking on stage. I was still backstage with no guitar. Everybody backstage are screaming 'Where is Ritchie's guitar?'. Now I had about five seconds to get my guitar and run out on stage. Somebody found the guitar, it was still in its case. Scott said 'Hey' and I'm like 'Hello Scott, guitar? Scott looking like a question mark, is going 'GUITAR?'. I said 'Yes, good point, WHERE IS MY GUITAR?'. Consequently I walked on stage three minutes late. That's a long time for the audience to go 'Why is Ritchie not on stage?'. I was thinking 'What is wrong with the man?'. I've had some bad roadies but I've never had someone that bad that they have forgotten my guitar. The night before I walked on stage, started playing and nothing happened because Scott forgot to turn the amplifiers on."

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