Правда ли, что известный вокалист Peter Goalby принимал участие в записи альбома Rainbow "Down To Earth"?

      Слухи о том, что Питер Голби действительно записывался для альбома Rainbow "Down To Earth" (в частности, на треке "Since You've Been Gone"), появились после одного интервью Ричи Блэкмора, в котором он упомянул Питера в следующем контексте:

     "...We found he couldn't sing above a top A... So we sent him away".

     Участие Питера в первых сессиях записи альбома подтвердил Роджер Гловер:

Roger Glover

"Pete Goalby did indeed sing on SYBG, but not in France. There was a demo session at Prentice Wood, my old house, with the Moulin Rouge mobile studio, some weeks or so before we went to the chateau. It was an odd time because my first wife and I had split up but it was during one of those pathetic attempts at reconciliation and I had access to my house again for a while. A year or so before, I had built a substantial music room there, detached from the house, and ideal as a rehearsal space; it had a toilet and a snooker table, both obvious assets. We had arranged the session as a test session and most of what I remember about it is that after we had done SYBG (not a great version) there was a long jam with Ritchie, me, Cozy and Don. I have no idea if those tapes still exist, I don't think I have any, although, thinking about it, I may have a reel to reel of that jam somewhere. (I won't look for it, don't ask!) Anyway, a few weeks later we went to the chateau and within 36 hours my task, as producer, was to inform the hapless Pete that his services were no longer required, something that no one got around to doing before we left the UK. He wasn't happy. Then of course we started recording the album without a lead singer, auditioning about half a dozen before getting Graham Bonnet. I memorable time and one that will get it's own chapter in the book!" 

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