Как произошло первое боевое крещение Джо Линн Тернера в группе Rainbow?

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       Joe recalls that memorable night at the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. Joe had gone out for a few hours and came back to his room with some people he had met that night. He was minding his own business, entertaining his guests in his room when there was a knock on the door. It was Blackmore's roadie, also known as "Hurricane." He'd claimed he'd left his passport in a jacket that was in Joe's room.
       Hurricane was getting quite belligerent, so Joe felt obligated to open the door to let him in. When he did, Richie and other band members as well as a few "groupies" paraded into his room. Turner was still "the new guy" and was not sure what to make of all this. It was slightly amusing until Blackmore and his cohorts started throwing everything in Turner's hotel room out the window. The window only opened to a 45 degree angle, so Joe admits they "had a tough time with the TV," but when they finished, the room was pretty much stripped! They even took the mattress off Joe's bed.
       Joe remembers holding on to it, all while being dragged down a carpeted hallway (yes, he even admitted to suffering severe rug burns from his efforts). When Joe met Don Airey at breakfast the next morning, Don remarked about how "things kept flying" past his window all night. Joe remembers the hotel manager accompanying him to his room to assess the damage with a very grave, worried look on his face. The manager admitted that the room "was not so bad" that "Bob Marley had left a more disgusting mess" and finally revealed that "Ritchie Blackmore has paid for it all" with the message(to Joe)... "welcome to the band!"

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