May 1965 to August 1966
Episode Six   
People involved
Graham Carter (gtr); Sheila Carter-Dimmock (kbr/vcl); Ian Gillan (vcl); Roger Glover (bss); Tony Lander (gtr); Harvey Shields (drm).
Ross fell out and was replaced by Gillan.

Albums & singles
Put Yourself In My Place/That's All I Want : UK Jan 1966 Pye 7N 17018
I Hear Trumpets Blow/True Love Is Funny That Way : UK Apr 1966 Pye 7N 17110
Here There And Everywhere/Mighty Morris Ten : UK Aug 1966 Pye 7N 17147
Here There And Everywhere/Mighty Morris Ten/I Hear Trumpets Blow/True Love Is Funny That Way [ep] : France 1966 Pye PNV 24175

Material from above appears on...
Episode Six [lp] : US 19?? Pye Records PYE 260404
Hang II - Mutant Surf Punks [lp; Various Artists] : 1985 Cherry Red Records RED63
Put Yourself In My Place [lp] : UK 1987 PRT Records PYL-6026
The Complete Episode Six [cd] : UK 1991 Sequel NEX CD 156
The Complete Episode Six [cd] : US 1994 Collectables COL-0567
Footsteps To Fame Vol. 1 [cd; Various Artists] : Germany 199- Repertoire CD-REP-4184-WY

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