September 1999
Jon Lord  
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Deep Purple Mk VII [= Ian Gillan (vcl), Roger Glover (bss), Jon Lord (kbr), Steve Morse (gtr) and Ian Paice (drm)] together with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Paul Mann. Special guests: Miller Anderson (vcl/gtr), Mario Argandona (vcl/prc), Pete Brown (vcl/gtr), Sam Brown (vcl), Margo Buchanan (vcl), Ronnie James Dio (vcl), Eddie Hardin (pno), Aitch McRobbie (vcl), Steve Morris (gtr), Graham Preskett (vln), Steve Morse Band [= Steve Morse (gtr), Dave La Rue (bss), Van Romaine (drm)] and The Kick Horns [= Annie Whitehead (trm), Paul Spong (trp/flh), Roddy Lorimer (trp/flh), Simon C Clarke (sxp/flt), Tim Sanders (sxp)].
Lord's Concerto was performed live at the Royal Albert Hall on 25th and 26th September 1999 - 30 years after it's premiere performance. The London Philharmonics did the backing this time, and there were lots of guest appearances by a variety of rock celebrities. The entire performance is available on CD, Video and DVD.

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