March/April 1970
Green Bullfrog   
People involved
Bevy = Tony Ashton (kbr); Boots = Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Boss = Big Jim Sullivan (gtr); Jordan = Earl Jordan (vcl); Pinta = Albert Lee (gtr); Sleepy = Chas Hodges (bss); Sorry = Matthew Fisher (kbr); Speedy = Ian Paice (drm); Vicar = Rod Alexander (kbr).
A session thing initiated by producer Derek Lawrence, who hereby brought together pretty much the cream of the crop of British rock. For legal reasons, the participants were given nick names.

Note that Roger Glover does *not* appear on this recording, simply because he wasn't there.

Albums & singles
My Baby Left Me/Loving You Is Good For Me Baby : US March 1971 Decca 32831
Green Bullfrog [lp] : US March 1971 Decca D 75269
Green Bullfrog [lp] : UK 1972 MCA 2021/Germany 1972 MCA MAPS-4736
Green Bullfrog [lp] : US 1980 Ecy Street ECY-16
The Green Bullfrog Sessions [cd; extra material] : UK 1991 Connoisseur NSP CD 503
The Green Bullfrog Sessions [green lp; extra material] : UK 1991 Connoisseur NSP LP 503

Material from above appears on...
Ritchie Blackmore Vol. 2 [2lp/cd] : UK 1991 Connoisseur RP VSOP LP/MC/CD 157
The Derek Lawrence Sessions Take 1 [cd] : Germany 1991 Line Records 9.01118 0
The Derek Lawrence Sessions Take 2 [cd] : Germany 1991 Line Records 9.01119 0
The Derek Lawrence Sessions Take 3 [cd] : Germany 1992 Line Records

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