Правда ли, что на одном из концертов Mark2 в Чикаго заболевшего Гиллана заменил у микрофона Роджер Гловер?

Roger Glover

(alt.music.deep-purple, 30.10.97)

"Since there seems to be a curiosity about this gig let me explain. IG was taken ill about an hour before the show. We found out later that it was hepatitus and would eventually cancel the rest of the tour. It was too late to cancel this particular show so we decided to go on as best we could, and offer anyone their ticket price back if they didn't want to see the show. I don't know that anyone did, it still looked like a sell out crowd to me. We hastily rearranged the set list to accomodate the lack of singer, i.e. lots of instrumental passages and blues, but some songs needed a vocal presence and that was all I tried to do. Then I came over all blank Your Honour, I can't remember what songs I *sang*. I might have mumbled the verses to CiT (but not the screams), Mandrake Root is easy enough to fumble through so maybe we did that, Black Night possibly, who knows? The point is, we got through the night, somehow. It wasn't a complete disaster but I reiterate that I'm glad there is no boot of it :-) "

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