Правда ли, что группа Deep Purple входила в "Книгу рекордов Гиннесса" как "самая громкая группа в мире"? 

Фотография именно с этого концерта была помещена на обложку альбома "Made In Japan". О том, как это событие происходило, рассказал Роджер Гловер:

      "...That situation came about because we were touring in Europe and America, and to save shipping costs we decided we'd have two lots of gear - it was obviously all Marshalls at the time - an identical setup either side of the Atlantic. However, as we became more successful as a band, the equipment increased because of the size of the gigs in America - huge arenas and so on - and it got to the stage where we couldn't afford the outlay of having identical equipment on either side. So we had one huge setup made which could cope with the arena-sized gigs, and took that to America. At the end of that tour we played what was then the Astoria at Finsbury Park, with all this stuff, and it was only a three thousand seater! The problem was that once you get used to playing at a certain volume level it's very difficult to back off - it becomes alomost like a security blanket - and the thinking was also that if you didn't play at that volume level then you weren't giving of your best. Unknown to us, the Guinness people were there - it wasn't pre-arranged or anything - and so as a result of the volume levels at that gig we became 'the loudest band in the world!' To us it was a hoot, and we had a good laugh over it - I mean we only held the title for a year I think, before The Who took it over - but we seem to have become the band most associated with that. Now, though, we go out of our way not to be too loud!"

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