Почему Роджер Гловер покинул группу в 1973 году?

Roger Glover
(Finish magazine "Rumba", No 12.1993)

"Gillan announced that he leaves from band and a little later Ritchie decided also to do same thing - Ritchie and Phil Lynott were reforming a common band. I and Jon decided that Deep Purple continues and Paice also promised to be with us. Then happened something really strange; Ritchie said that he stays in Deep Purple, plans with him and Lynott didn't proceed in a way he was hoping and at the same time Jon and Paice started to treat me cooly. Finally I forced our manager to tell me the truth; Ritchie, Jon and Paice had made an agreement that Ritchie stays in band, if I leave. It was clear, they didn't have to ask that second time, so lonely I had felt on tour. I was bitter. I had make many fine things of Deep Purple, but I didn't get any respect about that. And even today I don't understand what I did wrong, that they treated me like they did."

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