Гленн Хьюз как жертва блэкморовских шуток

Glenn Hughes

       "The first time we went down to Clearwell Castle in Wales was a real hoot. I had chosen this huge bedroom with a four-post bed overlooking the cemetary of the ancestors of occupants through the centuries. It was all kind of spooky. Blackmore was down the hall in his quarters. No one was ever allowed in his room, so I can't tell you what he had in there. Who knows! On the first night, we all went down to the local pub in Clearwell and got extremely pissed. Magnet, Paicey's tech, crashed one of the cars into a ditch. I can still hear him laughing as he climbed out of the wreck. Meanwhile, I jumped into bed, hoping for a good night's sleep. I slipped into a dream. In this dream, I heard ghostlike noises, and when I awoke, they stopped. I slipped back into the dream a couple more times, and the noises kept getting louder and louder. I was scared shitless! And then I heard someone laughing and laughing. I ran out of my room into the next vacant room and found Ritchie with a tape recorder. He had put speakers under my bed and was playing this horrid tape! I was not amused. But this wasn't the last time that things went bump in the night..."  

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